TEDxDLSU: Break on Through


What is TEDx? Created in the spirit of TED’s mission: “ideas worth spreading,” TEDx events help in sharing ideas that are worth telling to the communities around the world.

TED strongly believes in the power of ideas to change people’s lives, attitudes and the world.

TEDxDLSU: Break On Through presents you with stories that will go beyond the things that are not thought to be relevant nowadays, but has huge impact to the society.

Topics include:

          Innovation in Service by Dr. Carmen Ablan-Lagman

          Everyday Hero by Rosanna Angeles

          LGBT: An Authentic Story by Leo Espinosa

          The Art of Krumping by Therese and Patricia Rivera

          Failing Forward by Ace Libre

TEDxDLSU, happening on November 25, 2016 at the William Shaw Little Theater in De La Salle University.

Break On Through with TEDxDLSU.