TechnoKids Philippines to Kick Off the Year with IT Cup 2017

ITCUP2017 Wheninmanila

Time and time again, machines proved to be the ultimate partners of humans in creating a fantastic future. Faced with the challenges of our glitzy present, technology provides additional solutions, inspired by the constant yearning for innovations and development.

This 2017, Technokids Philippines still holds firm that behind the machines are the most brilliant and curious minds honed as the key to this amazing future. This is the perfect chance to upgrade from the traditional solutions!

Make Education Technology a modern day legacy and the beacon of our changing times. Discover what’s new in IT, Multimedia and Robotics with TechnoKids Philippines and the La Salle Computer Society as they bring you IT Cup 2017: Fantastic Future Through Technology!

Witness the best schools around the Metro and nearby Luzon areas step up this February 18,2017 (Saturday) in the De La Salle University-Manila. Watchthestudents and their coaches exemplify exceptional IT skillsand passion for information technology and education.

See the driving force of technology in action. This is a commitment to your future.

Be the hope. Be the future. Be a TechnoKid!