Tech Boot Camp for Kids (TBC4K): Explore the World of Information and Communication Technology

Is your kid stuck at home playing video games all the time? Do you want your child to get ahead in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)? Are you interested in letting your teenager learn more about design and robotics? If you’re a parent experiencing any of these dilemmas, then check out Tech Boot Camp for Kids and Teens (TBC4K)!

TBC4K is organized by the UP System Information Technology Foundation, in collaboration with the UP Information Technology Development Center. It aims to introduce students to a wide array of IT courses especially designed for kids and teens. Through TBC4K’s courses, your child will understand how computers work and will learn how to solve problems through algorithm and logic.  That’s definitely a level-up from just playing video games!

Explore the World of Information and Communication Technology in Tech Boot Camp for Kids and Teens (TBC4K)!4

This summer, TBC4K is offering courses on Digital Visual Arts, The Art of Making Robots, Scratch Programming and A Taste and Rasperry Pi. These courses will be taught by UP graduates who are literally experts on their field!

The Digital Visual Arts program (Php7,000) is a course that makes use of image manipulation software, so that your child can draw, paint and do a whole lot more creative stuff! The course will introduce students to Inkscape—a vector imaging freeware program that produces vector art such as cartoons, animation and poster design.


The robotics program (Php11,000) is a course that will teach your child how to build a robot from scratch! It discusses the concepts of robotics from design, programming, building the chassis, and adding intelligence to the machine. How cool is that?


The Raspberry Pi (Php7,500) is a credit card-sized compute module that will allow your child to customize their own platform for apps on their computer. The course will expose them to the endless possibilities of applications.

It will also enable them to use tech to solve real-life problems!


The Scratch Program teaches kids the fundamentals of programming, animation and object-oriented programming, through a software called the Scratch program. The course introduces kids to the wonderful world of programming and allows them to appreciate its future possibilities.


If you think TBC4K is all about tech, then think again. The program will also improve your child’s presentation skills! How? TBC4K requires its students to present what they have accomplished at the end of each course.



TBC4K is definitely the place to be for kids who want to learn more about technology. Interested in enrolling your child? Then check out TBC4K’s Facebook page and website for updates! 

Tech Boot Camp for Kids and Teens (TBC4K)