TeamComm’s 4th Thesis Film Festival: Showcasing the Talents of the Future Filmmakers

TeamComm’s 4th Thesis Film Festival: Showcasing the Talents of the Future Filmmakersdlsu thesis film festival

Stressed because of all the tedious work that acads has brought? Relieve your anxiety by watching our fellow Lasallian’s films as TeamComm brings you the 4th Thesis Film Fest!


This year’s event will showcase the best works of the students of Communication department. Be amazed by the short films that present the talents of the future filmmakers in the industry. The program will take place on June 27, 2014 at De La Salle University-Manila inside Henry Sy, Sr. Hall 13th floor Exhibit Area from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Don’t miss out on the chance to see the 2 Outstanding Thesis Awardees Nenita and Clarice at 18!


After the screening of the short films, an awarding ceremony will be held to give recognition to the students that obtained the Outstanding thesis Award as well as those students who have successfully defended their thesis last academic term. The awarding will take place in Br. Andrew Gonzales Hall 20th floor from 7:00pm until 9:00 pm.


As a mandatory requirement to complete the degree of Communication Arts, students under the program are required to accomplish a thesis project by selecting through various options. However, most would choose short thesis films as a parting project that can be imparted to everyone even after they graduate from the university. 


The Thesis Film Festival, which started last 2011, is an annual event held to show appreciation to the hard working students of Communication Department that dedicated their time and effort in making short films that will serve as an heirloom to inspire other Communication Arts students to continue their footsteps and in the future make their own films as well.


Everyone is encouraged to watch the short films. Outsiders and alumni students are also welcome! Click the link here to sign up. Please show a valid ID on the date of the event.



Henry Sy, Sr. Hall 13th Floor Exhibit Area


8:30                                                                               Registration

9:00                                                                               Opening Remarks and Opening Prayer



Timeslot                                                                   Title


 9:30                                                                                                    Sisiw

 9:50                                                                                                    Trese Case One

10:20                                                                                                   Seeing Red

10:40                                                                                                   Tatay Knows Best

11:10                                                                                                   Rue

11:35                                                                                                   Pangarap

11:55                                                                                                   Clarice at 18

12:20                                                                                                   Piling

12:45                                                                                                   Lunch Break

 1:30                                                                                                    Facade

 2:00                                                                                                    Sandalan

 2:20                                                                                                    Living in Peace

 2:45                                                                                                    Nenita

 3:10                                                                                                    Leo

 3:35                                                                                                    Inay

 4:10                                                                                                    Second Best

 4:35                                                                                                    Deadline

 5:05                                                                                                    Clockwork Children

 5:30                                                                                                    Closing Remarks

 5:45                                                                                                    Closing Prayer



Br. Andre Gonzales Hall 20th Floor

 7:00pm – 9:00pm


TeamComm’s 4th Thesis Film Festival: Showcasing the Talents of the Future Filmmakers

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