#TBThursday: Kris Aquino&Bong Bong Marcos Interview 1994 Talks About their Fathers

Trending now is the 1994 interview of Kris Aquino with Bong Bong Marcos. They talk about politics, their family, their ties with each other and their high profile fathers who did not have a good history with one another.


Kris recalls growing up and visiting her father in prison and understanding why his father was in that current situation. Bong Bong recalls a time when Ninoy Aquino went to the Palace to sit down and talk with then President Marcos. He mentioned that they called each other “brods” due to the fact that they were both part of the prestigious Upsilon Sigma Phi Fraternity. They also discussed if there were any hatred towards them children, how the experience helped them as a family to become closer and articulated answers of both Bong bong and Kris which shows how much they inherited their fathers intelligence.

What do you think of this interview?