Taylor Swift’s “1989” Album Will Now Be Available on Apple Music

After Apple Music reversed its decision regarding not paying rights to record labels and artists whose songs are streamed on the said app for the  three-month free trial period, Taylor Swift announced that she will now make her “1989” album available there.

She posted on her Twitter account:

Taylor Swift 1989 Apple Music

However, Swift made it clear that this is NOT an exclusive deal with Apple Music based from the succeeding tweets she posted. 

Taylor Swift 1989 Apple Music Taylor Swift 1989 Apple Music (3)

Still, “1989” is not available on other major music streaming services like Spotify.

Looking back, Swift scrutinized Apple when it mentioned that they will not be paying anything to record labels for the free trial period. She said that this was “shocking” and “disappointing” on her post on Tumblr. This spread like wildfire on the Internet, where Swift earned the support of most of the netizens.

According to The New York Times, with the reversal of the rule, Apple will pay 0.2 cents per song streamed during the trial period.

What do you think of this?

Do you think it was a genuine move on both sides or is it all a theatrical act?

Share your thoughts with us.

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