Taxikick: Report Taxi Drivers and Let Yourself Be Heard!

How many times have you gotten into a cab, just to have the driver tell you that you’ll have to add 100 pesos to the meter because of traffic? How many times have taxi drivers not even let you get into their cabs because where you’re going is too far for their taste? Taxi horror stories abound in Manila left and right, and we are far too lazy or busy to report each and every taxi driver that has wronged us in the past.

Fortunately, there is a website available on the Internet today that will let your report taxi drivers with ease.

It’s called Taxikick.


Basically, what Taxikick does is let you report taxi drivers on their website for free and they will forward your report to the LTFRB. Taxikick explains that the LTFRB will then take the appropriate action on each complaint and they might contact you for further details. To follow up on your report, you may also email or text or call the LTFRB at 4592129/09214487777.

Now, let’s start reporting on and put a stop to these picky taxi drivers to make our lives easier, shall we?