Taste the Sweetness of Fresh and Local Flavors With Karabella Dairy

Words by Hannah Angelique Bacani

Photos by Caitlin Rodil and from Karabella Dairy

The thing about us Filipinos is that we love giving things our own versions of them. We like seeing a touch of Filipino in all sorts of things–in food, especially. We gave the Italian spaghetti a Filipino spin with our sweet style and hotdogs, and the Chinese pancit has our own versions of it in every region in the country. But when it comes to dessert, we found this dairy shop that gave the ordinary ice cream a flavor that would definitely tickle our Filipino taste buds.

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Karabella Dairy brags its award-winning flavors that are uniquely Filipino including Salted Egg, Caramel, Ube Halaya, Turon with Langka, Tablea Chocolate, and many more. The best part is that these flavors are made from 100% fresh carabao’s milk, without any additives. Their minimally processed ice cream has this perfectly smooth, light, and creamy texture and flavors made from local and natural ingredients.

Leche Flan is my personal favorite flavor because it really captures the sweetness and heavenly taste of this classic Pinoy dessert. Peanut Butter flavor also has a rich, nutty flavor that would make you crave for more.

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Aside from their local and fresh flavors, there’s something else that makes Karabella Dairy uniquely Filipino. Karabella, whose name comes from “Carabella” (female carabao) gets its fresh and local ingredients from the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm (GKEF). GKEF is a project that aims to create social enterprises that would help local farmers. It takes advantage of the barely developed but rich agricultural systems in the country and expands the potential of our local farmers.

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Fresh. Local. Delectable. Karabella Dairy’s products are surely made for the Filipino taste buds, with its unique flavors and fresh ingredients. But not only that, every pint you buy is a treat to your cravings and at the same time a support to the local farmers of GK Enchanted Farm.

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Grab some scoops of Karabella ice cream and be a part of their mission to help local farmers and share pints of happiness!

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