Tanay Rest House: An Escape Into Erap’s Life and History

When in Manila and looking for a different kind of weekend getaway, be sure to check out a special Tanay rest house in the folds of  Rizal. This destination belongs to none other than former Philippine President Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada and shows just where you’d want to be if ever placed under house arrest. Recently, I got the chance to see the sights and explore the museum of this Tanay rest house.


First, a little history on the country’s most prominent actor-turned-politician. Erap Estrada held office as the 13th President of the Philippines from 1998 up to 2001; this followed a political career that took him from being Mayor to Senator to Vice President and eventually to being one of the most disputed presidents of the country. His term was cut short by the historical EDSA Revolution of 2001 dubbed as EDSA Dos, and he was eventually impeached and placed in house arrest in what he would soon turn into his Tanay rest house and museum. 


Following the rising road that led deeper into the 19-hectare property, it wasn’t long before we came upon a house for rent, a public swimming pool, and a small hotel. However, having just come from another Tanay resort ourselves, we weren’t really interested in exploring these places. We were there on a quest to see how a president lives under house arrest, and we pushed on, knowing that there’s more to Erap’s Tanay rest house than that.