Tan France of ‘Queer Eye’ Has Had Enough of People Asking Him to ‘French Tuck’ Them

Tan France of beloved Netflix show Queer Eye may not have invented the french tuck, but a lot of fans seem keen on having him do it for them — no matter how awkward or inappropriate the situation.


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The 36-year-old stylist and designer went on Tonight With Jimmy Fallon to share that he has been constantly approached by fans to ask for help to fix their outfits with a french tuck, which is a styling tip that Tan has given out during the series in which you only tuck the front of your top in your bottoms while leaving the back part untucked.

“What I find very strange is it’s called a French tuck because you just tuck in the front of your shirt,” he told Jimmy.

“However, when you just say it to a stranger — and I’m a stranger to them, they don’t really know me — they’ll come over and they’ll say, ‘Will you French tuck me?’ It sounds really vulgar,” he added.

He also revealed that he would often be approached even in private places.

“Especially by a urinal,” he groaned. “In a public restroom! Why would you follow me in and then ask me to French tuck you while [my private parts are] out?”

He also requested fans to stop lifting him up in the air when they come in for a hug. He shared that fans would be so excited to seem him that they would run over, hug him, and literally hoist him upwards. “Stop lifting me! I’m a grown man!” he said.

Respect people’s personal space, guys!

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