Tale of Two Cakes in Makati: Junjun Binay Vs. Kid Peña

For a long time now, senior citizen residents of Makati City have been receiving a free cake on their birthday.

Acting Mayor Kid Peña aims to continue this “tradition” that has been implemented in the city even by suspended Mayor Junjun Binay.

However, it is quite noticeable that there is a difference on the cakes being distributed now to the ones given before as seen from a post from ABS-CBN News.

When Mayor Binay was leading the giving of birthday cakes, this is what his senior citizen constituents used to get.

Makati Birthday Cakes Binay(Photo credit: Deah Magdaluyo via ABS-CBN News)

It can be seen that the cake they used to give has a message “Happy Birthday. From Mayor Jun Binay”.

Now, this is what the cake given by the acting mayor.

Makati Birthday Cakes Peña(Photo credit: Deah Magdaluyo via ABS-CBN News)

As you can see, the message from acting Mayor Peña’s cake is a little different. It says, “Happy Birthday. From the People of Makati”.

According to a post from ABS-CBN News, Peña said to them that if it was up to him, he wanted the cakes to come from popular bakeshop. This will help eliminate issues on the fund used for buying them because in the past, there are allegations of overpricing on cakes distributed by the suspended mayor.

What do you think?

Which one has a better, or can we say correct, message?

Share your thoughts with us. 

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