Taking Advertising to New Heights with the Country’s First Flying Billboard

Advertisers have to work harder and harder to get their message across these days. Luckily, one man saw a gap in the market and created a new weapon in the battle to get noticed: Meet the country’s first flying billboard!

flying-billboard-philippinesThe first flying billboard in the Philippines, advertising the country’s leading website.

It’s probably fair to call Jerry Cheng a leading figure when it comes to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and other remote controlled flying machines in the Philippines. Not only is he pretty good when it comes to using them, but he also likes to come up with new ideas on how to use them. First, he brought us the Dronie, spectacular looking drone-selfies that make your average Instagram video look positively boring. Then he made a Christmas tree fly, and now he’s got yet another idea. Meet the flying billboard:


The WhenInManila billboard you see flying around in the video is the smallest size and there are two bigger versions being readied for use. Jerry is aiming his invention at concerts, car shows and similar outdoor events where this would definitely be a way to get your advert noticed. The billboard can fly up to twelve minutes on one charge, but Jerry and his team restrict flying time to around five minutes for safety reasons, opting for more battery changes instead. The last thing you want while attending an open air event is a drone dropping on your head when the battery runs out. To top things off, the guys are also planning on fitting lights to the device so it can be flown at night. Expect to see it at events across the country soon or check out their Facebook page at: