Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 Cafe

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 1

Are you a 90s kid? Do you ever reminisce about your childhood? Are you a fan of the 90s? Or have you ever wondered what the 90s was like?

If you answered yes to either one of these questions then get ready for a major throwback at this awesome cafe! Dekada 90, or as their frequent customers call it, D’90, is a cafe that takes you back in time with its 90s theme—its ambiance will surely make you feel nostalgic. Dekada 90 is a newly opened cafe that also serves breakfast and brunch, and is located in Marikina City, right in front of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College (OLOPSC).

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 2

Dekada 90 is a family business that two 90s kids started—Shane Sison and her brother, and with the collaboration of Shane Sison’s three other friends. The idea of starting up a 90s themed coffee shop all started with Shane’s hobby of baking cakes and pastries, and her being a 90s kid herself. She then started collaborating with her friends and family; she has a barista aunt who helped her with the coffee and frappes.

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 3

The cafe nailed the 90s theme with their food, music, and interior. Everything in the cafe is DIY or done hands-on by the siblings themselves; even the interiors for the whole cafe. The products hanging on the walls around the cafe—toys, guitars, video games, and board games—are all definitely from the 90s. They were the personal belongings of the two siblings they hoarded around their house, which they decided to gather and put to good use.

Even their music is a 90s playlist to complete the vibe they are going for, which actually works; it feels as though you are taken back in time. What’s fun about the whole cafe is that you could pick up their 90s board games or their guitars and ukulele to play with!

What makes the cafe even cooler is that on Saturdays at 6pm onwards, they have an open mic where anyone could sing their hearts out while having beer with friends. The open mic is not only for jamming since they just recently came up with the idea of doing spoken word poetry— how fun is that!

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 013

Dekada 90 doesn’t only have an instagrammable interior, but even their food is visually appealing with its popping colors—it is also super delicious, of course! What can make delicious food even better? Affordable delicious food! Their menu is very budget friendly. They also have a menu for unlimited rice!

Here are some of the food from their menu:

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 4Blueberry Frappe (P119), Strawberry Frappe (P119), Matcha Frappe (P119)

The Blueberry Frappe is a new item, and we loved that the blueberry flavor is not too sweet. The Strawberry Frappe, on the other hand, was the WIM team’s favorite frappe out of all three; the strawberry was just sweet and super flavorful. And, lastly, the Matcha Frappe is for the matcha lovers out there! The matcha was on the bitter side which tasted like real Matcha Tea then transformed into a frappe.

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 5Pulled Beef Burger Deluxe (P120)

The baby version of D’90’s burger is a three tie burger with generous amounts of pulled beef dressed with cheese and side of nacho chips. It’s good for one to two persons!

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 7D’90 Burger (Good for 6—P550)

Have you watch Spongebob squarepants and ever wondered why Plankton always wanted to steal the secret formula from Krusty Krabs? Well, I guess now I understand Plankton after trying this hefty pound burger out. It reminds me of krabby patties and the time it had various colors (which they also serve in different colors).

The portion is huge and sure to make your tummies say oh so yummy! It includes bacon, pulled beef, egg, coleslaw, hash brown, and topped with a whole lotta cheese! This was one of my favorites because the size didn’t compromise the taste.

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 6  Matcha Latte (P85), Caramel Latte (P75), Sugar Free Cafe Latte (P65)

The Matcha Latte had a real matcha taste to it! This is for people who has a taste for a little bitterness. It’s a bit bitter but, nonetheless, it has that delicious taste that makes you want to drink more.

The Caramel Latte was delicious, especially because it was not too sweet for a caramel flavor; the sweetness was just right!

But my favorite latte of all three is the Sugar Free Cafe Latte because of its simple and creamy taste.

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 8Haw-haw Cake (P60), Mik-mik Cake (P60)

I super loved the Haw-haw cake because it gives so much throwback to my younger years when I used to buy hawhaw from the canteen during recess. Who would have thought of making a Haw-haw inspired cake! It tastes sweet and milky paired with the soft mamon texture of the cake. Love love love!

The Mik-mik cake was an amazing and delicious invention. Dark chocolate was used for this cake because not everyone is a sweet tooth, right?

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 9Buffalo Wings (Best Seller) | 4 pcs. W rice (P95), 6pcs.(P100)

The buffalo wings was oh so good! Portions were big and the sauce coats your tongue with that thick, creamy, and barbeque-y flavor that will surely make you want more. The best part is that it only cost P100 pesos! How budget friendly is that!?

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 010Creamy Pesto Pasta (Best Seller—P110)

Hands down, the WIM team loved this Creamy Pesto Pasta because it has that nutty peanut butter flavor mixed into that pesto sauce plus chicken shreds. I was so tempted that I took my fork and twirled a little to taste it before we got the chance to take a photo of it!

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 011Spicy Shrimp Pasta (Best Seller—P110)

This Spicy Shrimp Pasta is one of their best sellers and I can understand why. The taste is really distinct and flavorful. The spicy kick was just perfect especially those who are fans of spicy food. You just can’t stop taking a bite! A cycle of eat, water, eat, water then later, order.

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 012Tinapa (Breakfast foodP65)

The Tinapa was a good dish that will make you reminisce about the food you used to eat when you were younger.

Dekada 90 is a great place for anyone who enjoys artsy things and the 90s! The cafe has an amazing vibe for spending time with friends and family, to just get together to bond and enjoy each other’s company with great food.

Dekada 90 is also open for birthday and other reservations. For inquiries and reservations, you may contact Shane Sison or you may also choose to reserve through facebook.

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 014

Shane Sison  0915 843 1438

Instagram: @dekada90cafe


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