Taft Peeps Share Their Most Outrageous “Happy T” Experience

Words and Photos by: Paulo Obia

Taft people have their own version of TGIF called Happy Thursdays, which serves as their time to chill after a stressful week full of deadlines, research papers and plates. Since most of the Taft students don’t have Friday classes, their TGIF was moved to Thursday instead, thus being dubbed Happy Thursdays! Even students from other universities come all the way just to experience Happy Thursdays and have a great time.

I asked some Taft peeps about their most outrageous experiences with Happy T and here’s what they had to say:

Happy T 07“My friend stood on one of Chillout’s stools and tried to drunkenly remove the sign.” – Jazz

Happy T 08“Naghabulan sa kalsada” – JP

Happy T 02“Bumirit ng Domino sa gitna ng kalsada.” – Fiona

Happy T 06“Made a mess inside Family Mart.” – Ron

Happy T 05“We may or may not have ‘accidentally’ dropped our drunk/wasted friend down the stairs.” – Miguel

Happy T 03“Slept in the shower after making a mess.” – Jobert

Happy T 04“Slept outside U-Mall.” – Santi

Happy T 01“I kissed my crush then sinukahan ko sya. Boyfriend ko na sya ngayon.” – Mary

Having a drink and enjoying the company of friends can be great, but sometimes we tend to go overboard and end up experiencing the most outrageous things. What’s your most outrageous experience from drinking? Share it with us!