TABULA RASA Multimedia Arts Exhibit on Feb 18-20

Tabula Rasa Poster 2

Step into a new world of the Tabula Rasa art exhibit. Challenge your perceptions with ingenious new media and artwork. Happening on Feb. 18-20 at Days Hotel Tagaytay, this exhibit showcases a variety of artists and their struggles in their life; to share their cause to the people who might have missed or undiscovered what these artists have seen and experienced.

Change The Way You See Art

Challenge perceptions with great artwork. Expand your world with the variety of topics our artists present. There’ll always something to see, discover and figure out.

View Awe-inspiring Films

View bold and evocative short films and videos. See the a whole new generation’s style of video production and sound design.

Jam To Awesome Music

Fill your senses with live music. Enjoy the beats and sounds, or get into singing with our Open mic.

Engage In Art Talks

Be inspired by our numerous professional speakers. Listen to their stories, discover their creative experiences, and learn how they overcome the challenges they face.

Watch Live Art Performances

See beauty unfold as expert artists craft amazing masterpieces night in front of your eyes.

Get Lucky. Get Ready.

Join our raffle draw, and get a chance to win awesome prizes, or buy a piece of souvenir for your or other people.

Tabula Rasa. Let the change begin.

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