T.I.P. Celebration of CE Week 2022

“Faith, Trust, and A Hard Hat: ExperienCE the Magic of Building Dreams, OnCe Upon A Time”

Via Zoom Meeting— March 11-12 and 14-15, 2022 Today at the Event, Technological Institute of the Philippines celebrates the CE Week of year 2022, giving the students an opportunity to involved in a fun and entertaining activity.

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Objectives of the Event

The objective of this event is to celebrate the greatness of the Civil Engineering Department. To foster cooperation and camaraderie among civil engineering students. To let the students be part of a collaborative process with one another. To provide a platform for civil engineering students to showcase their talents and to enable them to strengthen their teamwork, communication, and strategy. 

Event Details 

Civil Engineering Week is one of the anticipated and memorable events, bringing together all Civil Engineering students to exhibit their talents, skills, creativity, expertise, and responsibilities. Event will be held through Zoom Meeting and Facebook live on March 11-12 and 14-15, 2022. https://www.facebook.com/CivilEngineeringTIPManila.

Founded in 1962, Civil Engineering Department, (CE-DSC) is known for upholding excellence and professionalism within the academic and social community by providing extra-curricular activities for students of T.I.P. Manila.


The following events are approved by the Program Chair of the Civil Engineering Department:

-General Assembly

– Quiz Bee

– Bridge Building Competition

– CE Short Film

– CE Got Talent

– CE Webinar

– Finals Game

– Awarding and Games