Synesthesia: The Secret Language of Color


Synesthesia surveys the intricacies of one of the most basic elements in visual art – color. By posing the question of what certain colors mean to the participating artists, the exhibit seeks to unearth the secret language of color.

The interweaving of the senses experienced by synesthetes is what characterizes the spirit of this exhibition on color and meaning. It demonstrates how color weaves itself into our lives, but does not limit itself to the conscious level.

Through works across different media, we are let into fields of emotions, memories, and beliefs, and the colors that trickle down to meaning in an almost subliminal fashion. The fluidity of color does not allow for each one to be encased in a singular meaning.

Curated by the University of the Philippines Art Studies 195 Curatorship class, this exhibit presents the possibility of color to permeate our different senses in a manner that is as powerful as its presence in our everyday lives.

A collaborative space invites the viewers to join in on this colorful conversation and answer the question, How do you color your life?

Curated By: Ken Abad Aliliran, Koki Bautista, Louise Lane Calicdan, Kara  De Guzman, Bianca Ma-alat, Job Marco Sauler

Opening Exhibit: May 11, 2015; 1:00PM
With an interactive performance by Ms. Alma Quinto, and a musical performance by Coeli San Luis and her band.

Exhibit Duration: May 11-15, 2015

*Open to Public

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