Synergy 2017: Exceeding Through Excellence

Join us this 25th of November 2017 as student leaders and aspirants from different colleges and universities in the Philippines gather for a one of a kind event that will be hosted by De La Salle Araneta University’s Student Council.

This is De La Salle Araneta University’s first youth congress will focus on synergizing the 20th – century student leaders. This year’s theme is to empower student leaders to exceed through excellence and prove that they are more than just a leader on their campuses; they are also a leader of the nation. The event aims to connect bonds between different student leaders of different skills and leadership style.

This is a free registration event and is open to all.

Register now at https:

Like the official SYNERGY2017 page on facebook:

See you there, leaders!

Official Hashtag: #Synergy2017DLSAU

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