This Swiss Miss Philippines’ Civil War Ad Serves as a Relevant Reminder Today

With Captain America: Civil War now out in cinemas, it makes sense that people and even brands are abuzz about the movie. Swiss Miss Philippines definitely didn’t let themselves fall behind in this matter when they released this cute ad that says “Make Chocolate, Not War”:

Swiss Miss Make Chocolate Not War

However, the message doesn’t just hold true for the Civil War movie right now. I don’t know about you, but it definitely seems like there’s a massive Civil War happening on Facebook amongst friends right now because of the upcoming elections. Do you feel it, too?

If so, then this is the kind of message that you should spread around with me. Let’s all make chocolate, not war, people. After all, after the elections, regardless of who wins, your friends and family are the ones you’ll be running to if things ever turn to shit.

Swiss Miss Philippines


Twitter/Instagram: @SwissMissPH

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