Sweet and Savory Crepes: Crepe 101 at Crepeman Cafe

When in Manila and craving for crepes then Crepeman Cafe is THE one store you should go to. Located alongside one of the “hipster” places in the foodie world, Maginhawa St., this soon-to-be hang-out place of many will make your socks rock once you taste their sweet and savory crepes.


Crepe 101 at Crepeman Cafe (2)

Crepeman Cafe is at 168 Maginhawa St. Cor. Mapagkumbaba St. Sikatuna Village Quezon City, Philippines

Unlike the usual crepes we have tasted such as this  , Crepeman Cafe’s crepes are crunchy on the “edge” soft in the middle and gooey in the bottom. I saw them make their crepes right in front of me and this is the process of how I ended up eating the best crepes ever! 


Crepe 101 at Crepeman Cafe (5)

Pour and spread the batter on the pan forming a circular shape. 


Crepe 101 at Crepeman Cafe (6)

Wait for a few seconds to let the batter cook for a while and then spread the chocolate/syrup evenly.



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