Sweat Sessions: Celebrate Women’s Month The Healthy Way

We believe that wellness is holistic. We may be eating organic food and spending time in nature, but movement is a fundamental aspect to overall wellbeing. Join us as we celebrate Womens Month with a series of high energy workouts that will do your body good.

Sweat Sessions

Intro to Animal Flow with Ange Alberto and Fai Tabusalla 

Unleash your primal movement with nothing but your body and the floor. Mobility, power and coordination all in one dynamic program designed to make you feel better and move better. All fitness levels welcome!


Pound Rockout Workout with Marge Camacho

Combining cardio condition and strength training with yoga and Pilatesinspired movements, Pound is an intense, full body, fat burning workout created by two female drummers. Instead of weights, lightweight drumsticks, called Ripstix, are used to tone up the arm muscles. Pound is excellent for those who get easily bored with reps with its variety of movements and techniques all within a 45 minute class. Designed for all fitness levels, Pound will get your sweat dripping to a leaner and sculpted physique.


Steel Mace Flow with Natalie Cruz

Steel Mace Flow is both a movement art and mindful practice that combines three or more movements into one seamless sequence with the ancient tool, the mace. Our mottoDo something beautiful with your strength.” –LS

Helps improve rotational & multiplanar strength, balance, coordination, and proprioception

Expression of creativity through flows

Today, the countrys mace movement is led by Nat Cruz, also known as the White Mace Artist. Armed with knowledge and certifications under Traditional, Flow, and Modern mace training. She is also a handpicked International Steel Mace Flow educator.


NT Sweat with Nikki Torres

A high energy pumping workout that combines cardio exercises with yoga, plus some core workouts.


Rope Flow Fundamentals with Armando Bajacan Jr.

This is an introductory class onrolling the rope”. A method of using a rope implement to optimise movement integration of the spine and limbs.


Schedule of Activities

10am-11am: Intro to Animal Flow with Ange Alberto and Fai Tabusalla

11am-12nn: Pound Rockout Workout with Marge Camacho

1pm-2pmSteel Mace Flow with Natalie Cruz

2pm-3pm: NT Sweat with Nikki Torres

3pm-4pm: Rope Flow Fundamentals with Armando Bajacan Jr.


Energy Exchange

P680 for 2 classes or P980 for 3 classes (choose from Animal Flow, Pound,  Steel Mace,  NT Sweat)

*Additional classP200

Rope Flow Fundamentalsadditional P800 per person



Date & Time: March 14, 2020; 11am-4pm

Venue: Focus Athletics, First Lucky Place, 2259 Pasong Tamo Ext. Bgy. Magallanes, Makati

Make sure to sign up at www.flowretreats.com