Svenson Hairloss Treatment Expert Interview: Michael Bernstein

When in Manila, you may notice this thing called hairloss. Whether man or woman, no one wants hairloss so I talked to the experts to find out exactly what’s up!


Michael Bernstein is Svenson’s Chief Trichologist (hair and scalp expert) and the President of the Asian Society of Trichology has been helping people with hairloss treatment for numerous decades. Additionally, he is trichologist to many leading Hollywood celebrities, rock stars, internationally famous lawyers and most of Tinseltown’s movers and shakers. While he wasn’t able to disclose any names, he clients are definitely A listers! There are a lot of myths when it comes to hairloss, none of which I knew so I was so grateful to sit down and really determine what I need to be worried about and what simply isn’t true. After all, I’m slightly in need of his services myself (though I don’t like to admit it!)




The basic concept of hairloss is quite simple, according to the Hair Science | Dr. Yates – Your Hair Loss Expert: We always lose hair as it has a 7 year lifespan. However with male hairloss, the issue is that DHT, produced by testosterone, shrinks the hair follicles. This means the next hair lifespan will be shorter, meaning weaker (thinner) hair, which eventually results in being bald!




Balding is extremely common for men and only starts after puberty. If you make it to 30 without going bald, you’re probably in the clear! However people rarely take care of their hair and address hairloss. Michael made a really compelling point when he used the analogy of heart problems:  If you have a history of a bad heart, you would watch your cholesterol and maybe take Lipitor to prevent any issues. People need to take preemptive steps to stop hairloss before it happens! It’s much more about preventing than trying to get a miracle solution that will bring back your hair, because that’s impossible.




Svenson has several unique approaches to hairloss treatments. If you’ve heard of Rogaine or other hairloss topical solutions, these are drugs that make you dependent on them. The minute you stop buying and using their products, your lose your hair again! Svenson hairloss treatments use natural products that block DHT, cleanse the scalp to make it easier to grow stronger hair.


Other good options which are more in-depth are hair weaves (think hair extensions but for men), hair transplants and even have cold laser solutions to stimulate resting hair follicles into the growth stage.






9-12 months are recommend for Svenson’s 3 step hairloss prevention/regrowth services. Mind you, while it can’t bring back hair that you completely lost, it can make weak and thin hair strong and full again! Step 1 is to undergo ‘correction’ to remove oils that are blocking hair growth and pours. Then is the anti-DHT stage where you apply a solution to block the genetic receptors for DHT. Lastly you want to help the hair grow (possibly supplemented by cold laser growth).


Svenson has been in the Philippines for 31 years, and they wouldn’t still be here unless they deliver! I started my hairloss treatments today and will be posting the entire adventure over the coming months. Stay tuned and remember, When in Manila and you want to look like Fabio, check out Svenson’s!



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