Svenson: Celebrating 33 Years of Proven Hairloss Expertise

Svenson: Celebrating 33 Years of Proven Hairloss Expertise
(From IG) DJs Chico Garcia, Gino Quillamor and musician Champ Lui Pio with Svenson Makati's manager Ms. Teresa Cruz


On May 9, 2014, Svenson, the leading hair and scalp care centre, celebrated 33 years of proven hairloss expertise. All four center branches were packed with clients who enjoyed their Svenson treatments and an all-day buffet of delicious dishes. Not to miss out on the celebration were Chef Rolando Laudico and Coach Allan Caidic who partied at the Tomas Morato branch, while funny man Joey Marquez spent time with the Alabang team. RX 93.1 DJs Chico Garcia, Gino Quillamor, and Chris Schneider were seen sharing laughs and treatment time with musician Champ Lui Pio at Svenson Makati.


(From IG) Actor Joey Marquez celebrating Svenson's 33rd anniversary with the Svenson Alabang Team

(From IG) Chef Laudico and Coach Allan Caidic with the Svenson Morato Team

   RX 931 DJs Chris Schneider and Gino Quillamor Svenson Campaign 50s Svenson Campaign 40s Svenson Campaign 30s Svenson Campaign 20s

For this year, Svenson’s campaign is on Prevention for those in their 20s, Correction for 30s, Maintenance for 40s and Restoration for 50s. This is to encourage men and women to be more aware that hairloss can happen no matter what your age. That is why Svenson is offering free consultations with qualified trichologists so that you can know the state of your hair, and what you can do to save it and keep it healthy and full.


To schedule your free hair and scalp analysis, call Svenson at 892-4247 today.




Svenson: Celebrating 33 Years of Proven Hairloss Expertise

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