Sursuroy: Top 5 Things to Do When Visiting Southern Cebu


The walk back to where our car was parked was a bit steep so we all each took what locals call a habal-habal (which basically means riding in a motorbike with other passengers).



Riding a habal-habal was one of my favorite experiences while in Southern Cebu.


5) Take a trek to Osmena Peak, Cebu’s highest elevation


We met our guide who was also our habal-habal driver in Dalaguete. While we were waiting, I took a few photos of the church.


church2 surchurch1 surchurch3


Most of the time, during the whole trip, I really enjoyed taking the habal habal, it was a convenient way to get to where we needed to go. Happy Juanderer made sure that all the habal habal drivers they got are those they trusted. Making our way to Osmena peak was really nice. We got to take a 30 minute ride up the mountain where the view below is breathtaking and I got to take a peak at how the locals lead their daily lives and it’s a very interesting sight to see.

When we arrived Mantalongon, also known as the vegetable kingdom in this side of town, we took a 15 minute trek to Osmena Peak. You may also choose to start your trek from the market which would take you to the peak in two hours. So if you want to challenge yourself, then you could opt to start your trek from there. Every now and then, you can take a look back and see the lush mountains and quiet towns below. It’s a really easy trek and you’ll have no trouble getting atop and the view once you get there, well, it’s quite special. Osmena Peak is a unique mountain because of the jagged hills that are close to one another.



surpeak4 surpeak1 surepeak6


On our way down, it started to rain and I found it to be such a perfect way to end our trip. It was as if everything was complete and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The trip has been relaxing at times, thrilling at times and just extra special each and every time. A little rain could never dampen my spirits. It was as if God was telling me, “well, you wanted an adventure, so here goes.”

I got to see a colorful world under the sea, bravely plunged into waters in between canyons, felt the mighty strength of the waterfalls, trekked mountains, swam with whalesharks, touched the sky, and drove under the rain. What an adventure indeed.

As we made our way back to Cebu City, we stopped at Carcar Market to have their famous lechon. You can’t pass by Carcar and not have their famous lechon in the public market. Pick up Carcar Chicharon as well while your there, it’s the best chicharon I’ve ever had. When we got back to Cebu, we checked in, plopped my head on the pillow and peacefully slept the night away with the thought of Osmena Peak last on my mind.


Day 2 Itinerary:


7:00am ETD Moalboal

9:00am Whaleshark encounter Oslob

11:00am Sumillon Island

12:00nn Lunch

1:00pm Tumalog Falls

3:00pm ETA Dalaguete

3:45pm Trek to Osmena Peak

6:30 ETD Dalaguete

8:00pm Dinner Carcar

9:00pm ETA Cebu City


I’m so glad Happy Juanderer arranged this trip for us. In only two days, we were able to make the most of our visit in Southern Cebu. I didn’t have to worry about where to stay, finding the right drivers, the right guides or the right food. Everything was well taken care of that I got to fully experience and enjoy what Southern Cebu had to offer. That’s an experience you can’t match when you’re on your own figuring out all the other things. It seems easier, or sometimes cheaper if you do all these efforts on your own but trust me, when your tired, aching and hungry, you just want someone to take care of all the details while you prepare yourself for the next adventure. I know this two day trip wouldn’t have been as easy or as successful as it was if we didn’t have the help or expertise of Happy Juanderer. I’ve included their rates below so you can give them a ring when you’ve got a Cebu trip planned or are even from Cebu City yourself! We usually forget to discover what’s in our own backyard, so to the Cebuanos who haven’t been there yet, I hope you believe me when I say, what you have in the southern part of your city is truly worth visiting. I’m not from there and yet I am proud that these places are in our country. So try to escape to the southern part of Cebu one of these upcoming weekends, I’m sure you’ll come back even prouder to be a Cebuano.

I came home with a couple of wounds, some scratches and jellyfish stings that are still appearing days after our swim. My body may be wounded and bruised but my spirit is experiencing an ulitimate high. I got to test my limits and got a taste of a crazy and yet superbly fun adventure. If you want to experience the same, check out these package rates for you and your family or friends.



2 Days and 1 Night #SURSUROY Adventure Package




1. Van Transfers during Tour

2. Driver Tour Guide

3. 1 Night Resort Accommodation in Moalboal

4. Island Hopping in Moalboal with Life Vests and Snorkeling Gears




5. Canyoneering Adventure with Lunch

6. Kawasan Falls

7. Santander Viewpoint

8. Whale Shark (Butanding) Encounter

9. Sumilon Island Hopping with Lunch

10. Tumalog Falls

11. Osmena Peak

12. Happy Juanderer Certificate of #Awesomeness

Add P1,500 if client would like to avail ACCOMMODATION and AIRPORT TRANSFERS Prior & After the CEBU SURSUROY TOUR




No. of Persons and Rate per Person

12 PAX P 5,200

11 PAX P 5,450

10 PAX P 5,600

09 PAX P 5,800


**EXCLUSIVE GROUP: If group wants to choose their own travel dates.

08 PAX P 6,000

07 PAX P 6,200

06 PAX P 6,400

05 PAX P 6,750

04 PAX P 6,900


They also have organized travel dates for the near future! This means you can get this itinerary at an even lower cost plus get to meet new people who are also joining the trip!


OCTOBER 22 & 23, 2014

DECEMBER 10 & 11, 2014

JANUARY 14 & 15, 2015

JANUARY 20 & 21, 2015


Introductory PROMO RATE:


P4,995 per person only!


So when in Manila…Cebu!! I mean when in Cebu, you have to call Happy Juanderer so they can help make your next adventure one you won’t ever forget!

*Happy Juanderer also arranges special trips and itineraries in other parts of the Philippines. Project Sursuroy is a current favorite.



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