Surfing the Wave: Marketing Online

Behind every successful company is a great marketer and he could be the only thing that separates a company from its competitors. In the case of small businesses, leaving your mark towards customers may be the struggle you have to face to prevent your competitors from taking them. For start-up businesses, the obstacles may be simpler, such as reaching your market but still pose to be very difficult to overcome.

Under those circumstances, how can you reach your market despite your several competitors? How can you generate the customer loyalty necessary for your business? And above all, how can you as a marketer, develop a prominent mark for your brand and leave customers yearning for more?


Surf with us as DLSU’s premier marketing organization, Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association (JEMA) invites professionals within the industry to share with us what it takes to surf the wave and market online. Surf the vast difference between the methods and mindsets employed by the professional in reaching out to their audience.

DLSU JEMA is pleased to invite you to our upcoming webinar event, Surfing the Wave: Marketing Online, happening on 2:00 – 4:00PM this 29th of August 2020, Saturday, via Open Broadcast Software – Streamlabs. The event will give insight and provide guidance towards:

1. Reach your Market – How can you tap into the market that your business demands so you can make that first connection and finally reap the sales of your hard work? This topic delves on reaching and communicating with your target market through social media and appealing to your exact target market and consumer base.

2. Leave your Mark – What can you do to create that impressionable connection with your customers and make it last even longer? These topics delve into increasing online engagement and clickability on your online advertisements

3. Create Consumer Loyalty – After making that impressionable connection, you have to nurture it into a healthy and loyal brand-consumer relationship, but how? This topic intends to divulge valuable advice from successful speakers on what it takes to truly build trust and engaging relationships through online marketing. This also focuses on various techniques to encourage your audience to share content back as well as a form of engagement through creating incentives or offering a platform towards a good cause.

Engage yourself and get inspired as we guide you to understand the makings of a professional marketer and what sets them apart. This year’s Surf the Wave: Online Marketing offers to impart with you firsthand experience, directly from the point of view of professional businessmen from prominent companies in today’s society.

Surf the Wave. Ride the Motion. Inspire Emotion.

Come and ride the first wave to the future of Marketing through the Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association’s Surf the Wave: Online Marketing.

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