Support This Fundraiser and Ride with Angie Mead King in Her McLaren and Porsche

Support This Fundraiser and Ride with Angie Mead King in Her McLaren and Porsche

Whenever someone mentions the name Angie Mead King, the first thing that comes to mind is her transition from Ian King. What people seem to forget is that Angie is also a car aficionado, and is known as a Porsche-phile and the Drift King (now Queen). She owns the carshop Car Porn Racing and more than 13 cars. Now, she’s using her love of cars to support a friend, who recently lost his livelihood.

Mick Santi, a member of the prestigious Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC), lost his home, his business, and his dog. According to his GoGetFunding page:

We’ve been making class rings, pins, badges, and the like for 120 years. On the 9th of July our family business in Cavite, which had been operating since 1896, was destroyed by a fire. The business was not only our sole source of income, but also our home, and we have literally been left with nothing but the clothes on our backs. Even our dog seems to have perished in the blaze.

Not only did the fire have a devastating effect on the livelihood of my family, but also on the over 100 people on our payroll, most of them skilled ring makers, engravers, artisans who learned their craft from their fathers, and their fathers fathers. I am determined to rebuild the business as fast as I can, but I need your kind help for this.

Your donations will be used to try and salvage some of the machines and refurbish some of the equipment from the destroyed workshop. I am planning to put up a new, smaller workshop so we can get going again and minimize the impact this terrible event has had, not only on my wife and kids, but on my parents, my sister, and perhaps more importantly, our 120 or so employees whose families depend on our business.

So far, the fundraiser has gathered $17,000 out of the $50,000 goal (roughly P731,000 out of P2,150,000).

Aside from the fundraiser, Santi is also selling his two Jaguars, which could mean his disqualification from the MSCC.

Angie and her friend Marc Soong, a Jaguar/Ferrari distributor, will collaborate for a fundraising event this Saturday, where donations in cash and kind will be accepted in the Jaguar/Ferrari showroom in Bonifacio Global City, from 8am to 12nn. Those who will donate a minimum of P1,000 can go on a short joyride around BGC with Angie and Soong. Angie will bring her McLaren 12C and a few of her RWB Porsches, while Soong will bring his Jaguar F-Type and the Ferrari 488.

For those who would like to donate funds, you may go to this page.

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