Support Orbit 360 on Kickstarter: Motorized Phone Mount for Spherical 360-Degree Panoramas

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The maker of the VR headset “I Am Cardboard” has launched its third campaign on Kickstarter with three new products. After the massive Kickstarter success of its dscvr and XGVR virtual reality viewers, I Am Cardboard is now bringing three all-new VR products for Kickstarter backers worldwide.

The new flagship device is the Orbit 360, a Bluetooth-enabled motorized base for smartphones. The Orbit 360 is the first-of-its kind motorized mount: it can both automatically rotate and tilt smartphones for capturing eye-popping spherical panoramic photos.

Using the Orbit 360 just takes three easy steps: deploy, mount, and rotate. The compact base with built-in rechargeable battery folds out with a clamping mount that holds most phones including the latest Android and iPhone models with 4 to 6-inch screens. With the included remote control, users can create stunning 360-degree spherical panoramas at the touch of a button.

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The Orbit 360 can be placed on any flat surface and it also has a standard tripod mount. Because it holds the phone in an off-center position, it helps phones take better 3D photos. The steady motorized rotation helps reduce blurriness and image misalignment that’s a common problem in hand-held stitched panorama shots.

For I Am Cardboard, capturing spherical 360 photos called pictospheres is just the beginning. To support the 360 VR ecosystem, it is also introducing two all-new VR viewers. The Pocket 360 is an ultra-compact folding VR viewer that works with most phones including the upcoming iPhone 7. It is one of the smallest VR headsets ever created.

The innovative Flip 360 is the VR viewer a lot of people have been waiting for. It doubles as a protective case for the iPhone 6/6S, 6/6S Plus, and the upcoming iPhone 7. At the push of the button, a spring-loaded mechanism releases the viewing lens, turning your phone into an instant VR viewer. There’s no need to bring a bulky headset.

The Kickstarter pledge for the Orbit 360 starts at $70 (Php 3,249) with a Kickstarter price of $90 (Php 4,175). The Pocket 360 and Flip 360 start at $5 (Php 231) and $15 (Php 699) respectively. Bundles are also available such as the Mega Bundle with includes the Orbit 360, Flip 360, and Pocket 360 for $110 (Php 5,103).

The Orbit 360 Kickstarter page is available here: