Support local this weekend with these 6 world-class, Filipino brands

After a successful month creating a new way of celebrating events online, the up-and-coming online marketplace, I SHOP Lokal, has been giving local businesses another boost with their event entitled, The Filipino Standard. For the whole months of August and September, I SHOP Lokal is showcasing the six foremost local brands tagged as “World Class” that embody the values which I SHOP Lokal was founded on. 

“Today, price and speed are the name of the game,” Adrian Asoy, a Partner at I Shop Lokal states during an interview. This has led to “mindless consumerism,” he adds. As a potential solution, Asoy knows that many Filipino brands offer viable alternatives to more commonly consumed products.

Six brands, tagged “world-class” by I SHOP LOKAL, will be featured individually during the virtual events on all the weekends of August. Clothing and accessories brands Masabel Iloco, Kanlungan Umbrellas, Kingsmen, Maison Metisse, SunnySix Active, and Ibarra Watches have made it to the final list for “The Filipino Standard.”

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Kanlungan is a maker of high-quality umbrellas that are “built to last”. To live up to this promise, Kanlungan uses a single piece of maple wood as a shaft and handle. The piece of maple is used to support the umbrella’s double canopy. Furthermore, the hand-crafted umbrellas of Kanlungan have also adopted the use of a button and ring as a closure mechanism. This design – both stylish and functional – replaces the Velcro or button closure used in most umbrellas. To top everything, Kanlungan also offers engraving services to make each umbrella unique to every patron. All these innovations in the design ensure that the umbrellas are durable and surely “built to last”.


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“We want to highlight the story behind every product and brand. We want to encourage consumers to be more aware of the effects of what seem to be harmless purchases by giving them wider perspectives on the concepts of sustainability and local culture,” says Asoy, who had previously worked with local shoe brand Marquina Shoemaker

Jades Temple Lychee Martini Glass

The event, the first of their kind, features local performers Bea Carlos, Alexia Gallegos, & Jigo Virina, hosted by Baileys Acot, along with substantial speakers and even a “Lokal Bar” featuring Jade’s Temple to enjoy cocktails & innovative flavored beers while viewing the show at home already gave a total of 55 Filipino brands the platform to promote their products and boost their sales during these challenging times.

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