SuperM Singer Taeyong Apologizes for Bullying

Taeyong of the new Korean boy band SuperM was recently accused of being a bully in middle school. It even went so far as people asking Taeyong’s parents to show records of Taeyong’s middle school years, which showed that no disciplinary action was ever taken against the singer for being a bully. His parents also claimed that the school never called them to discuss bullying.

Still, after the accusations, Taeyong decided to make things right by meeting one of the people he allegedly bullied and apologizing to them. They allegedly spoke for two hours and a statement released by Taeyong’s agency, SM Entertainment, says that Taeyong regrets “saying things that caused hurt and behaving insensitively during his middle school days, which was before he started his dreams to be a singer”. According to the statement, the apology was accepted and well wishes were sent both ways for their careers.

SuperM Taeyong

In today’s day and age, bullying is still as prevalent as it was before, if not more. This is one of the reasons why Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’ focuses a lot on bullying, showing the effects that it could have on some students. It should also be noted that Sulli’s recent death may have also had something to do with online bullying.

We commend Taeyong for taking action on the rumors and hope that more people do the same.

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