LOOK: Super Rare ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ Exists, and Here’s Where You Can Buy It

Yup, it’s real. A gaming console created by both Nintendo and Sony PlayStation exists and is available for you to buy online. Fair warning though… the price will shock you!

It was back in the 90s when Nintendo and Sony sought to create the ultimate console mashup originally called the Super NES CD-ROM System. According to reports, it was designed to be an add-on to the SNES system to allow both SNES cartridges and “Super Disks” (a type of CD-ROM) to be played on it. However, it soon after became a mere online legend when the project was eventually scrapped. But the console is very much real and one of the prototypes made is officially up for auction.

Nintendo Playstation prototype 1

Nintendo Playstation prototype 2

As expected, you’ll have to be super-rich to get your hands on this console because the current bid is already at USD 350,000, which is equivalent to PHP 17.6 Million! Crazy, right?!

Note that the console is only a prototype and won’t be playable. But we’re certain that detail is hardly enough to dissuade anyone from wanting to get their hands on this gem.

Nintendo Playstation prototype 3Screenshot from Heritage Auctions

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Header photo: Super NES (Andrew Webster on The Verge), PlayStation (Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash)

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