Super Mario on a Wheelchair – Watch ’til the End!

Many of us grew up with the Super Mario Bros, and our memories with them have been nothing but fun. As such, it is no wonder why this brilliant video of Mario on a wheelchair by Liron Atia, Roi Meyshar, Gadi Wilcherski and with Art and Animation by Eran Keren was able to get 10 million views after just 2 days of its release (make sure you watch it until the end!)


What do you think? Pretty cool, huh?

We were able to get a short but sweet exclusive interview with Liron Atia on the viral video and he shares that they actually make viral videos all the time. “We’re trying to make videos and have a say, criticize what we believe needs to be criticized and deliver messages we feel are important.”
This time, it was a bit different, though, since Liron has been in a wheelchair for the past 11 years – since he was 18. “This video is more personal than the others,” he says. “We wanted to raise awareness to this not so sexy issue. We wanted to reach people that never even thought about accessibility. The ultimate goal was to make people show each other the video and talk about this matter. The next goal is to make people DO something about it and not just talk.”
Well, we definitely love the message behind the video. Help us share it? Hopefully, we can get the word out to those with the power to create better access for those in need in the Philippines, as well.