Sunshine Kitchen – A Ray of Sunshine in the Kitchen


When in Manila, we made a discovery of this newly opened chill hangout place that serves artisanal pizza, creamy pasta, tasty starters, and other comfort food with a dash of sunshine – it’s Sunshine Kitchen at the Fort Strip.


The moment you enter Sunshine Kitchen, you can already feel at home with its cozy ambiance. It is place where you would be easily enticed to share a dinner with someone special, or have a drink or two with a couple of friends. You will instantly feel that you want to sit back and relax, enjoy good food, and just have a good time.


Inside Sunshine Kitchen 2


Inside Sunshine Kitchen

Sunshine Kitchen beams with a homey set-up


It was dinner time when we dropped by Sunshine Kitchen. It may be dark outside but it is definitely gleaming inside the resto. We began dinner with a few starters.