Sunday Gourmet Midday Buffet at the Marriot Cafe!!!



When in Manila and would like to treat your loved ones to an unforgettable gastronomic experience, I highly recommend you check out the Sunday Brunch Buffet at Marriot Cafe!

Let me tell you a little secret of mine…. In all my years of being a food blogger, this is my 1st ever time to feature a buffet. Why? Because basically, I’m not a fan of buffets! Believe me, I had soooo many disappointing experiences with buffets in the past, primarily because I noticed that they usually all taste the same and that restaurants don’t really care about the food quality anymore.

I would have to admit that I was a bit skeptical before this event however, this particular experience turned out to be way different from the rest with the vast array of all gourmet specialties! 14 unique all gourmet stations showcasing the best of every culture with almost all the dishes you could ever think of! From succulent steaks, the freshest salads, seafood, mouthwatering roasted meats, a fine selection of nuts n’ cheeses, handmade pastas, gelatos, a cocktail bar and even a room full of to die for desserts!!! OMG!!!

Let me show you around….

I’d like to call it a utopia of colors and flavors….

As for its interiors, definitely chic with visually stimulating colors and  furniture which sets you into that sophisticated dining mood!






Now we go straight to the food! Here are some of the dishes and treats you should never miss!


The Martini Bar

Be sure to visit and stir up a drink or two!!



I got me my favorite Cosmopolitan!




Cru Steakhouse

Name it, you got it! From Angus beef,  strip loin steak, grilled tiger prawns, grilled calamari, lapu lapu with your  marinade of choice, paired with all gourmet condiments and sides to give you that flaming  full experience!











Salad Smorgasboard 


~This ain’t a dream my friend! I actually dunno where to start…. the photo speaks for itself!


 only the best!







Freshly baked breads

~ I was amazed to see these along with a variety of European cheeses!  Heavenly!




 this is something you rarely see in the Philippines so it’s really worth the experience!




they also got dried fruits and nuts for more texture and taste! 




Antonio’s Pasta Bar

~ Pasta just can’t get any fresher than this! I recommend you try their ravioli and gnocchi!!! 






 Pasta Paradise!!!




Their raviolis are good!! 




Seafood Station

~ They got a bountiful load of exquisitely fresh exotic seafood!  You may choose from an endless array of sauces and dippings for that extra dose of delight!







Succulent Meats

~ The succulent suckling pig! OMG! It had no fat in it! It was crispy skin and tender meat! One of my personal picks!






 must try the roasted lamb!



 somebody stop me !!




Let the feast begin!

Let me show you our plates……..


 Kat’s plate




I had warm foccacia, various nuts, and pates. This is already perfect for me, but I knew I had to try more!




 A slice of roasted lamb, suckling pig skin, tiger prawns and some sushi!





 Since Badeth is a fellow cheese lover, we tried everything at the cheese studio!





We were all in ecstasy! 




 The Chocolate Room!

After that ambrosial meal, we further indulged with these sinful delights! A room full of chocolate cakes, cookies, fruits,  fondue, bars, truffles and everything divine! I was a kid again!













The  whole experience ain’t complete without your photo taken with the Human Chocolate Chef 




 I believe she forgot her name for a while…




 As for me, I tried their gelatos which I sprinkled with loads of pistachios, dark choco morsels etc!




Is it worth every hard-earned peso? YES!  If I could sum it up into one word, it would be CELESTIAL! Take it from a person who used to hate buffets! I strongly suggest you try the dishes which you rarely or haven’t tried before such as the cheeses, tortellini, tandoori, yakitori, oysters, roasted lamb, steaks etc! I love how each dish was meticulously prepared and how they all tasted so unique! The way on how they presented each station was outstanding and the over-all ambiance was just so lavish yet so fun and casual! 



Thank You so much and congratulations to the wonderful people behind the  Marriot Cafe  especially to their Executive Chef  Sir Meik Brammer  for  doing such a great job in putting up this spectacular all-gourmet Sunday brunch buffet!  You surely changed the way on how I thought about buffets! This is something which everyone should definitely experience when in  Manila!



special thanks to Badeth, Janelle and Kat for joining me and helping me with the photos! Love you guys! 




Marriott Café Sunday Brunch is available every Sunday, 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

 P2,000 net per head 

For inquiries or reservations, call 988-9999






Sunday Gourmet Midday Buffet at the Marriot Cafe!!!


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