Sulit Clique: A celebration of hanap, usap and deal!

When In Manila and doesn’t know where to find a thing you’re looking for you’ll definitely find it in the internet, maybe specifically at, the Philippines’ #1 classified ads website. Last month they organized a night that bloggers would definitely remember! very catchy tagline: Hanap. Usap. Deal



The event was held at Greenbelt’s Spicy Fingers with Sulit inviting a small group of bloggers for their first event which is now known as Sulit CliqueIt also became an event where they told the humble beginnings of the company. The founders of, RJ and Ariane, built the brand in 2006 at the bedroom of RJ! You’ll be surprised that they started it with RJ having Php2400 in his pockets.’s Power Couple – RJ and Arianne – at their Ortigas office!



From there the rest as they say is history! The company became one of the fast-growing website in the country, it received millions and millions of page views monthly, even topping international websites and social networking sites at times. And from a bedroom office to a small office, now they hold office at one floor in an upscale business tower in Ortigas. Of course a big office requires additional employees! That’s why from just the two of them the company now has close to hundred employees that maintains the website and also the business side.


RJ David. co-founder of, with some of the employees of Sulit.



Sulit Clique is the first meet-up hosted by where bloggers from across the metro is invited to get to know more about the brand. It’s also their time to bring the brand closer to people as they try to explain what’s next for the brand. As stated earlier Sulit is known as the country’s #1 classified ads website, but unlike their competitors Sulit tries their best to get in-touch with their members by holding functions and events where they get to meet the employees of Sulit. Yes that’s right! Events like Sulit Clique. That’s how Sulit values their members!



There were also games prepared by at the Sulit Clique event., being a classified ads in the web, has also penetrated the world of advertisement. For months now the brand can be seen advertised in the local newspapers, radio, billboards and even in television! Lourd de  Veyra, a well-known writer and television personality, has became the brand ambassador for Sulit. They even held a contest where people win cash prizes if they correctly guess what Lourd is looking for, “Ano hanap ni Lourd?”



Lourd de Veyra shares clues that Sulitizens use as they find  the answer for “Ano Hanap ni Lourd?”



At the event, they also raffled an iPad for a lucky blogger!



So the next time you’re looking for something: be it an amazing deal, your next job or even you dream house, don’t forget to look for it at! I’ll bet that you’ll get the best of everything at Sulit!







the country’s #1 classified ads website

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Sulit Clique: A celebration of hanap, usap and deal!


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