Sugar and Fun Overload at Resorts World Manila’s Halloween Kids’ Fair and Special Screening of Trolls!

My daughter kept thinking the current week had been Halloween and wouldn’t let up every time I explained she was a week too early, and kept looking for places to trick or treat in. So imagine my motherly delight when I learned Resorts World Manila was holding a Halloween Kids’ Fair at the Newport Plaza last October 23.

Here are the 10 things my child and I loved at Resorts World Manila’s Halloween Kids’ Fair:

10. Your shopping crazes and dining out has advantages

At Resorts World, your accumulated receipts in its shops and restaurants are enough for its members to partake in its numerous events. And what I found out is that membership is free.


9. All-out freebies at every corner

Upon signing up, the receptionists offered a large loot bag of goodies for the children which included a plethora of candies, crafts, and art materials, all given by their sponsors. You are also presented coupons for more freebies.


8. Booths to recreate an actual fair

I miss my old school fair where we would go from booth to booth discovering what each had to offer. Now, I’m excited my toddler was able to experience it for the first time and especially catered for kids!


7. Outlet for creativity

Apart from some DIY giveaways in the loot bag, Crayola set up a booth filled with crayons, markers and scissors for the kids to color in their very own troll décor. It was such a relief to see all the children so involved in the event; and extremely participatory too. Not one kid on a phone nor iPad!


6. Enough sweets and treats to skip nap time

With so much free cotton candy, popcorn, donuts, prepacked baked goods and the like being offered at the Halloween Kids’ Fair, I cut my kid some slack and let her indulge on what she believed was the day of Halloween.


5. Insanely innovative costumes

It was both inspiring and intimidating to see children rocking ingenious outfits that really test the limits of one’s imagination. More than the cute onesies of infants, and the quintessential ghouls and witches, a lot of handmade costumes really went for the win, from DIY Hellraiser to recyclable haute fashion.


4. Breathtaking and hilarious performances

Starting with the James Cuevas Magic Show, the magician’s performance wowed the hordes of ghastlies and ghouls with live animals disappearing and reappearing out of nowhere. Next, The Golden Show kept parents and kids off their seats with heart-stopping unicycle stunts and classic Filipino slapstick humor.



3. So many prizes and a chance to win a ticket to an advanced screening of Trolls

Yes, Resorts World knows how to spoil its patrons. With numerous games that also included a daddy face-off and a costume fashion show, kids and parents got the chance to win giveaways, GCs and even tickets to the advanced screening of Trolls.

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2. A special appearance from the Trolls themselves

When Branch and Poppy from Trolls walked onstage, the kids’ tired faces grew alive with glee and awe. The children were then given the opportunity to have a photo with the mascots, and the crowd poured in to form a line pretty quickly.


1. The lucky ones got to watch Trolls

And it was so much fun! There were so many pop culture references that so many of the adults present were laughing harder than their kids. All in all, it really is worth watching, especially for the great songs, the psychedelic color scheme, and the lessons your children will easily pick up.

The venue was filled with children and their parents, and the air was buzzing with excitement. After that fun-filled day at the Halloween Kids’ Fair, it’s easy to see that Resorts World knows how to throw a party. Not just for the adults, but for their kiddie patrons too.

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