Here’s What Sue Ramirez Had to Say About Being Told That She is ‘Sexualizing’ Her Body

Sue Ramirez had a few things to say to reporters after they asked her to comment on what she feels about being accused of “flaunting” her body too much online.

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Iyon na nga ‘yung sinasabi ko (That’s what I’m talking about), please don’t sexualize my body because I don’t do that to myself,” she said.

But when a reporter explained that it was, in fact, Sue who “sexualized” her own body because of her posts, Sue quickly returned the remark with: “I don’t.”

She added: “The fact that I’m putting it out there [means] I’m not sexualizing. Gusto kong masanay ‘yung mga tao, buksan nila ‘yung mga mata nila na kapag nakakita sila ng naka-two-piece [ay] hindi siya bastos at hindi siya dapat bastusin (I want people to get used to it, to open their eyes to the truth that when they see someone in a two-piece, it isn’t sexual and shouldn’t be sexualized).”

In response to the claim that a photo of her allegedly in “lingerie” is making rounds online, Sue said that she never took such a photo. “I don’t think I have ever put anything out there na naka-bra’t panty. But if ever I do, then so what?”

Sana po ‘pag nakita niyo ‘yung mga pictures, [matandaan po ninyo na] hindi po ito bastos. Sana ay buksan natin ‘yung mga isip natin (I hope when you see the pictures, you remember that they aren’t intended to be sexual. I hope we all stay openminded),” she continued.

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Sue has been earning criticism from netizens for posting bikini shots and photos of her not wearing a bra on her Instagram account. Last year, Sue already pleaded to netizens to stop sexualizing her body because, to her, “it’s a big deal.”

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