SUCCESS! Louie, the Technohub Furbaby, is Going Home

Remember Louie, the UP Technohub furbaby we featured two weeks ago? He was a very friendly stray who has been stealing people’s hearts at the business center. His fans say that he looks like a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Shiba Inu.

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One of his devoted fans, Mommy Ara, has been appealing to friends and colleagues to adopt Louie. I spotted that appeal at the Bantay Animal Welfare (BAW) group and decided to feature Louie to help increase his chances of finding a permanent home.

Guess what, that appeal has reached the right person and Louie has now found his furever home!

SUCCESS! Louie, the Technohub Furbaby, is Going Home

Louie at the vet clinic. He was diagnosed with Erlichia, a blood parasite disease carried by ticks. But don’t worry,  it can be treated with antibiotics. In the photo, Mommy Araceli showers Louie with love.

Trixie Galindon is the very lucky person who was selected as Louie’s new mom. According to BAW’s administrators, quite a number of people applied to adopt Louie but Trixie was the one who they considered the right ‘hooman’ for Louie.

I see him almost everyday at work. The first time I saw him, he was at the parking lot looking for food in the garbage.

Trixie shares that it was very difficult not to care for Louie. At first, she did not give him food but she eventually caved in and would give him half her own packed lunch whenever she saw him. Their meals together became routine.

When I don’t see him around I get worried that he might get into trouble, specially when it rained.

SUCCESS! Louie, the Technohub Furbaby, is Going Home

Louie is wondering where this new place is. He has gotten thinner, didn’t he? Good thing he was adopted and his infection treated in time.

The first time she ran into Mommy Ara was the day she planned on giving Louie a special chicken treat in honor of her mom’s birthday. That was November 28. But when she found Louie, she saw that this lady was already feeding him. It was then that she found out that Louie was about to be rescued as the pup had not been looking well lately. She immediately volunteered to adopt Louie. But when she did not immediately hear from Mommy Ara and the dog was nowhere to be found in the following days, she became agitated. She had to know if he was already adopted or rescued so she went online to research.

I looked for him in dog lover groups on Facebook. Then I used Google search and that’s when I saw his story on

SUCCESS! Louie, the Technohub Furbaby, is Going Home

The momentous occasion where a former stray becomes a beloved family member. Welcome to your furever home, Louie/Nemo!

She contacted BAW and sent her application to adopt twice. “I told myself that if I don’t get him, it’s ok as long as I know he’s someplace safe. My goal was to find out where he was at that time, how he was doing and who was with him. It will just be a big bonus if I got to adopt him.”

SUCCESS! Louie, the Technohub Furbaby, is Going Home

Checking out the view

To her delight, her application came out on top. BAW decided that she and Louie were perfect together. Trixie renamed Louie Nemo. “Nemo is a brave boy and very gentle. It’s amazing how he survived on his own. He is really charismatic and very intelligent. I hope more people will open their hearts to adopting stray dogs,” she says.

Going for a walk with Mommy Trixie

He’s home with me right now and he’s on medication and vitamins. My other dog is jealous of him right now since my first boy is spoiled rotten and has been my only boy for five years. But, hopefully, they will learn to get along in time.

Then he spotted the neighbor’s dog.

Elmo is my five-year-old toy poodle. Before Elmo, I never had a pet. I was scared of dogs. But when I picked him up, I felt like Elmo chose me. It was just perfect. I got him because I needed him. I was stressed at work and Elmo was perfect for me. With Nemo, however, I think he needed us. Everything came together in perfect timing–meeting Ms. Ara and then being chosen to adopt Nemo. Being with both Elmo and Nemo was God’s plan. Everything came together in God’s perfect time.

So he hid in the bushes and asked his mom to go back home, hahaha.

Thank you, and BAW, for sharing his story and for helping me get Nemo home. Thanks particularly to Ms. Araceli for taking care of him and loving him. I feel so blessed now that he’s with us.

And thank you, too, dear readers! Without you and your enthusiasm for sharing the story of the Technohub Furbaby, Trixie might not have found Louie/Nemo in time.

A picture of a loving family

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But there are so many other pups out there who are still homeless. We hope that you will also have the same enthusiasm for sharing their stories as you did with Louie/Nemo. BAW is currently looking for homes for Charles in Novaliches and Cassie in Cubao. They are both very sweet pups. Charles looks a little like a Pinscher while Cassie looks like a cross between a Japanese Spitz and a Beagle. Contact BAW adoption coordinator Kay Serrano to find out more.

Inspired by this story? Do you think more people should adopt, not shop? Share your thoughts below!


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