Subic’s Ocean Adventure Calls for Help to Save its Marine Animals

The temporary closure of Subic’s Ocean Adventure theme park amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has not only affected employees but also the many marine animals living inside it.

Now, the park is calling for help to keep its animals alive and well while the lockdown remains in place.

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In a statement made by Robert Ianne Gonzaga, president and CEO of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium, Inc. (SBMEI), he said: “Since the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine over Luzon last March, our revenues have gone down to zero and will remain so for the short-term, while our costs and expenses remain high due to the caring and feeding of our animals and maintenance of our facilities.”

“We rely only on our revenues to deliver the best of care for our animals and to ensure that they are in a safe and secure environment, with expert support available from our vets and caretakers,” he added.

The animals under Ocean Adventure’s care have relied on revenues generated by visitors to fund their food and other necessities. The park revealed that it has only “enough food for our animals to last to the beginning of June” and hopes to raise funds to cover them for the rest of 2020.

Donations made through its campaign will be used for:

  • the purchase animal food, medicine, and vitamins;
  • supporting animal caretakers, divers, and volunteers who maintain their enclosures, and veterinarians and lab techs who provide for the health care of the animals;
  • and paying for utilities for pumps, freezers and other equipment for the care of the animals.

“The path to recovery is going to be long and hard, not just for our company but for everyone else in the tourism industry. That said, our animals at Ocean Adventure cannot make it through without external support in the months ahead. But we believe that with your help, nothing is impossible,” Gonzaga said.

For the details of this campaign, visit

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