Stylehood: IG Worthy Mirrors and OOTD For The New Normal!

We are all adjusting to the new normal and gone are the days where we can just take photos of ourselves anywhere. Taking mirror selfies at home will have to do for now. But where do you get those Instagram worthy mirrors that we see from influencers and celebrities?

Stylehood is an online business that sells beautiful mirrors, loungewear, and accessories that can help you with the new normal.

First are their mirrors. Stylehood offers different mirror shapes to fit the interiors of your home. What we personally love are the curved mirrors which are unique and totally instagram worthy. The mirror comes with a wooden stand to make sure it wouldn’t slip. It is perfect for your make-up table or even just an art piece to add to your home.

Aside from mirrors, they also have loungewear which can go from bedtime to WFH. These OOTD’s are perfectly comfortable to wear at home or you can level it up by mixing and matching with other pieces if you need to go out for essentials.

If you are having a hard time looking for face masks that suit your style, stylehood has a variety of designs that you can choose from. They have water repellent lining but you can also insert a surgical mask for additional protection.

For someone who has a small face, it’s quite hard for me to find the mask that can fit perfectly. These masks from Stylehood can be adjusted by tying the straps and pushing it inside the lining.

The new normal can still be stylish with these items from Stylehood! You can shop safely from home too! Check out their details below!



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