Study World’s International Education Fair Returns to Makati


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Study World’s Education Fair returns to Makati with a new venue, sponsors, and a new look. Study World continues to innovate the idea of what a higher-education fair can be for Filipinos


If you’re one of those Filipinos who keep daydreaming about going abroad to experience a different culture, life, and education- GET READY! UKEAS’ successful venture into international education fairs, Study World, is coming back to Makati, Metro Manila this Saturday, October 14, 2017 between 12pm and 7pm. After growing events that packed the Shangri-La Makati, Study World has found a new home at the Gallardo Ballroom in the five-star Makati Diamond Residences. The venue change comes amid an increasing evolution of the education fair that has seen diplomats, artists, entrepreneurs, and celebrities speak to inspire Filipinos to expand their worldview by studying abroad. Study World is a FREE fair that offers a unique chance for attendees to meet admissions and recruitment managers from over 40- top notch Universities across the globe, as well as to participate in educational seminars by visiting speakers. This October 14th, the event will host schools from the USA, UK, Ireland, Spain, Singapore, Canada, Australia, and more. Study World is the perfect event for aspiring students longing to be inspired to study abroad or working professionals that are interested in studying overseas for a degree or professional development.

While the Philippines has no shortage of education fairs targeting students that seek overseas study- the biggest difference of Study World that seems to resonate with attendees is its core beliefs. “We are here to inspire change- plain and simple.” says, UKEAS’ Corporate Strategy Manager, Chris Cazares. Study World embraces three basic principles: Explore, Discover, and Grow. Cazares describes why the three things are so crucial to the event- “Exploration is the foundation of change. When you open your mind to something new, you make it your mission to search until you find it. Discovery is the next step to that- it’s the AHA! moment when you realize there’s much more out there for you than you thought. And finally- Growth. We all aspire to grow and evolve, it’s our natural state as human beings to move towards something greater and the essence of Study World is to really facilitate and kickstart that growth. Everyone who’s willing to take a risk and try something to improve themselves deserves support. Study World is all about embracing and supporting the risk takers.”

UKEAS has continued to innovate its Study World event by introducing new partners- like, sponsors, speakers, and elements that reinforce the themes: Explore. Discover. Grow. This fall promises to see a few surprise changes- along with the planned live streaming of its guest speaker series on Facebook ( for those who can’t attend. This way everyone will have the chance to experience what Study World has to offer. More information about the event and registration can be found @ Online registration for this free event begins on September 15, 2017.

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