Studies Say Men Really *Don’t* Hear Babies Crying At Night

You know that excuse most men give when seemingly ignoring a baby’s cries — that they didn’t hear it at all and slept (excuse the pun) like a baby through it? It turns out it might actually be the truth. A study conducted by MindLab shows that men really are less likely to be woken by a crying baby than women.

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In a bid to find out what exactly triggers individuals in their sleep enough to pull them out of it, researchers found that the answer varies between men and women. A number of different sounds were classified as exclusively triggering either one of the groups. 

The starkest difference was in the sounds most likely to wake them. For women, it is a crying baby. Men, on the other hand, are especially sensitive to car alarms. Researchers explain it as women responding to their protective instinct over children while men are more concerned over threats to the entire family. 

But if this study won’t convince you that men simply didn’t hear the baby crying, maybe try waking them with a car alarm next time.

What do you think about this?

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