Student Leaders in FEU Celebrating National Heroes Day


What is a hero? Someone who runs inside a burning building? Someone who prevents world domination from aliens? How about someone who cares about his community and is willing to help improve it?

In celebration with National Heroes Day, the Far Eastern University’s Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS) Sandigan Party Alliance will be having their FIRST Leadership Empowerment and Advocacy Development (LEAD Camp) with the theme “IAS A HERO” happening this August 30 and 31 2015. It is a two-day event where student leaders from different organizations can enhance their leadership skills and show people that being a hero is sharing awareness and imparting your knowledge to the people in your community.

To help empower and inspire the students during the LEAD Camp “IAS A HERO”, they have invited prominent IAS alumni achievers in their respective fields for the first day of the event which will happen at Manila Teachers’ Savings and Loan Association, Inc., Office Penthouse, UN Manila to have a talk about their experiences being a student leader and a hero in their own ways. While on the second day of the event, a community immersion in Carmona, Cavite will happen.

They have prepared many programs for the people – designed to not only entertain the people but also to educate and inform them. Programs such as Micro Entrepreneurship Lecture, Health awareness (e.g., Blood typing, Heart disease screening, and proper hygiene lessons), and Values and recreational (e.g., Values formation through storytelling and Group dynamics, and Personality development) are scheduled for the day.

Embodying one of IAS Sandigan’s core principles of being “Makabayan”, the goal of the IAS A HERO project is to bring out the hero within all of us.

Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. Being a hero comes from the heart – it is caring about others and making a better tomorrow.

How about you? Can you bring out the HERO in you?