Student gets food delivered with odd request of taking out spider from house

We have heard many stories about food delivery that come with requests that are out of the ordinary.

There was a food delivery story where the delivery guy also bought medicine because the customer had a fever.

There was one when a student got food delivered and asked for a comforting note after failing a college entrance exam. The delivery service delivered more than that as she got four notes.

There was also a story when the food delivered was requested to be placed on a basket that is attached to a string to the second floor of the house to prevent her mom from waking up because it was already around midnight.

Now, there’s another food delivery story making rounds on social media and the added request was odd as well. Here, the customer hoped that “the delivery guy would also remove a spider” from their home.

The delivery guy, of course, delivered. Aside from bringing food, he removed the spider as requested.

It might be an expensive way to deal with spiders especially if they lurk often in your house. Hence, one Twitter user recommended creating an app that asks help from nearby volunteers who can take out spiders.

What do you think?

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