Student builds Game Boy with watermelon, plays Pokemon Emerald because why not

Probably having the right tools and having a lot of time in his hands, Cedrick Tan, a student from Singapore Management University, built a Game Boy with a watermelon. Apparently, this is his way of having random fun with tech.

He shared his creation on his YouTube channel Cedishappy.

You can watch on the video below how he built the Game Boy and even played Pokemon Emerald on it.

In this episode, he installed a playable Game Boy inside a hollow yet fresh watermelon.

He also shared this creation on his Instagram account.

He described it as “the freshest, most environmentally friendly, fragrant console around.”

Apparently, it took him almost one month to build the watermelon Game Boy.

When not crafting stuff for his YouTube channel, Tan is busy studying his double major in Business Analytics and Marketing.

Tan said that his original creation rotted after four days but that didn’t stop him from making another one.

Aside from this, his past projects include a blank canvas that can be used for augmented reality and a fun way of using Microsoft Excel to send messages to Telegram.

His next project? He might try creating a Game Boy on a durian.

Good luck with that! 🙂

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