Get Boyzilian, Brazilian Wax at Strip Ministry of Wax

When In Manila, let go of your inhibitions – male and female alike!

Dare to strip it all off!  and be carefree!
My trip to Strip: Ministry of Waxing
Trust me, I tried Brazilian waxing again after two months of not being able to and I feel cleaner, neater and more confident!  Swimming and surfing is a part of my life and it is horrible if some hideous bush comes out to peek! Eek!
Since it’s kinda hard to explain what waxing feels like, here are some photographic materials courtesy of Strip / Ministry of Waxing.
There are many benefits of waxing as compared to other forms of hair removal.  It is an effective method of removing large amounts of hair at one time unlike shaving which can cause razor burns or risk of cuts in sensitive areas.  With waxing, regrowth is softer and finer and you will feel like a baby – literally!
Then I remember that scene in Miss Congeniality 1 that stars Sandra Bullock where she screamed her lungs out when she had to undergo a total makeover – including a brazilian wax. So does it really hurt?
If it is your first time, or you shave before, it would definitely hurt.  But the pain is just temporary and it goes away after a couple of seconds. If you maintain and keep up with your waxing schedule – which is usually every month, then it shouldn’t hurt because the hair that will grow will be finer and easier to remove.
What I like about Strip is that they have a very strict hygiene standards that will never compromise your sanitary well-being.  They presented me with a sealed kit which they will use on me before we started.  Included inside the kit were sanitary wipes (which I think is essential and not offered in other waxing salons) spatulas and latex gloves.
They don’t double dip a spatula on the wax – it is a no-no!  If you are very keen on hygiene, especially if you want to take good care of your sensitive intimate part, then Strip should be your choice.
After 15 minutes of laying there – you’re done!
At this time, I felt no pain anymore whatsoever!
I have to thank the wonderful staff of Strip for making my trip to their waxing salon a breeze.  They are very experienced professionals and there is nothing to worry about.
If you are shy and a little bit apprehensive…
Don’t be 🙂 Just try to relax and let the staff take care of you.  They are professionals 🙂
The waxing will be done in a very nice private room.  You can rant all you want to the nurse, she’ll gladly entertain you and keep your mind off if you feel scared.
Depending on the person, you might get a few ingrown hair, but it shouldn’t be that dramatic.  I have been observing mine, and so far it is growing slowly and beautifuly.  If you are worried about ingrown hair, they also offer a “facial” to cool the skin and to close the pores.
The Boyzilian / Manzilian
You would be surprised that there are actually a lot of guys who strip it all off too!
Why would guys do this? I ask you back – why not?
let’s just leave it at that 🙂
What’s best is that they always make waxing fun!
You can always choose from your favorite shape!
Chocolate wax and Strawberry wax!
and no, it’s not edible 😛  but, if this got you in the mood to eat chocolate or strawberry, head on their main lobby and you will find this:
and yes… these candies are edible!
Now you know.  When In Manila, and you want to feel sexy, head off to Strip: Ministry of Waxing for your waxing needs – legs, arms, underarm, face and any part of your body that you want your hair Stripped!

Serendra Piazza
2nd Level
Mc Kinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global City Taguig Metro Manila
Telephone: (63 2) 856-9145, (63 917) 847-2112

Greenbelt 5
4th Level
Legaspi St., Legaspi Village Makati City Metro Manila
Telephone: (63 2) 501-3997

Budget: P550 – P1950

Get Boyzilian, Brazilian Wax at Strip Ministry of Wax


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