Strike Mosquito Coil: An Effective Way to Send Mosquitoes Away

I never used to be a fan of mosquito coils, or ‘katol’ – known as one of the most popular and traditional mosquito killing products in the Philippines. Back in the day, the ‘older people’ in my life would buy mosquito coils to get rid of mosquitoes whenever there was a brownout or when it was time to sleep.

I hated them because of the irritating smell of the smoke that came out of them. I never asked how those things were made or what they were made of. Little did I know that they could have had some harmful ingredients in them. When I found that out a few years ago, I swore off mosquito coils for good.

But then someone re-introduced me to the beauty of these coils – someone younger than me, surprisingly. We hung out a lot in the garage area of his house and he brought one out. When I laughed a little, he explained to me that he preferred mosquito coils because he hated the feeling of mosquito repellent lotion and that they were convenient for a few hours’ of hanging out outside of the house. Plus, they’re affordable.

Now, I find myself using them all the time when I work outside in our own garage. Say hello to my new best friend, the Strike Mosquito Coil:


I discovered this particular brand after my daughter kept pestering me to buy her the ATC Strike Patches seen in this article. When I found out they had mosquito coils, I decided to get some.

What you should know, though, is that Strike Mosquito Coil is different from other mosquito coils out there, in that they are much safer. Other coils are made from inferior materials, thus causing the unpleasant odors, short ignition time and poor insecticidal effects that could harm both humans and animals.

Strike Mosquito Coil is actually developed in a scientific and secure way and doesn’t have any harmful materials in it. In fact, it uses natural environmentally advanced raw carbon powder, which is long-lasting, effective and safe overall. Yes, it works! …and it doesn’t smell bad, either. Try it out yourself to see what I mean.

Want to try it for free? Get the chance to win Php1,000 worth of gift packs from ATC Healthcare here:


ATC Strike Multi-Insect Killer