Stranger Things season 3 is now in production!

It’s a crazy week for fandoms!

Stranger Things season 3 is officially now in production! This video was posted on the official Stranger Things Twitter and fans all over are losing their minds just thinking about what in the world is in that script!

Our favorite kids from Hawkins, Indiana have all reunited along with new characters we have yet to meet! Aptly captioned with “back at it, nerds,” we can’t believe just how much hype this is stirring up! It only makes us more excited for its release (and when we’re going to binge-watch it all in the course of a night or two).

We have so many questions. Is the mind flayer still hanging around in the background like a jilted lover who can’t get over their ex? Will Dustin’s mom ever find out the truth about Mews? Will they finally leave Will Byers alone???

Check out the video over here:

We can’t wait. See you in the upside down!

Are you excited about season 3? Let us know!

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