Straightforward Clothing: Casual Yet Classy Clothing Perfect for Manila Weather

Out of all of the online shops out there today, one that me and my friends constantly keep running back to is Straightforward Clothing. We love their designs and how casual yet classy they all look. They’re super comfortable, too, and since they are all in plain colours and without prints, they go with practically anything.

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Here are some of their newest products:

Straightforward Clothing Women's Waffle

Women’s Waffle Tee (Php449)

These waffle tees work for any type of outing, be it casual or even more formal. You just need to dress it up and accessorise properly.

Straightforward Clothing Men's Henley Tee

Men’s Waffle Tee (Php449)

We absolutely love the colours and the textures of the men’s waffle tees, too!

Straightforward Clothing Tailored Shorts 2

Men’s Tailored Shorts (Php599)

If you’re looking for casual and comfy clothing that still looks classy and put-together, these shorts are perfect for any outing.

Straightforward Clothing Men's Chambray Button Down

Men’s Day ‘n’ Night Chambray Button-Down (Php849)

If you’re looking for a lightweight button-down shirt perfect for Philippine weather, you need to try the ones at Straightforward.

Straightforward also has clothes ready for the rainy season for both men and women:

Straightforward Clothing Men's Waffle Cardigan

Men’s Waffle Cardigan (Php799)

Every guy needs a cardigan that goes well with every ensemble.

Straightforward Clothing Women's Waffle Cardigan

Women’s Waffle Cardigan (Php599)

Literally the comfiest cardigan I currently own.

The best part is that Straightforward Clothing won’t burn a hole in your wallet, either. Most of their clothes are priced at under Php1,000 and if you love supporting local products like we do, then Straightforward Clothing will hold an even more special place in your heart.

While Straightforward clothes are available online, you may also visit them at their new store in Glorietta 3.

Straightforward Clothing

Website: https://www.straightforward.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StraightforwardPh

Twitter: @straightfrwd_

Instagram: @StraightforwardPh