Storyland is Making a Comeback in the South for the New Generation

If you grew up South of the Metro, then you must remember Storyland. Situated in SM Southmall, the place had various rides, and every kid in the South would beg their parents to let them celebrate their birthday there. Even the older kids – the ones in high school – enjoyed visiting Storyland to play on the crane machines or just walk around with their friends.

Allysa Denise Barretto shares an old photo of the place alongside a poster at SM Southmall itself, announcing that SM Storyland will be back as a digital playground with a techie twist. See her post here:

SM Southmall has clarified that it won’t be the same Storyland that we knew and loved growing up, but that it would merely be a digital activation during their cybercon, but kids of today’s generation are sure to enjoy it and have fun in it all the same. Some of the installations to look forward to include a digital playground with a sketch aquarium, augmented reality, and digital tabletop games.

What say you? Will you be giving this new version of Storyland a chance?