Stories: Heard, Listened to, and Understood

When in Manila. We’ve all grown up hearing different stories, from Alice to Mythology; we’ve heard them all. There is just something so interesting and inviting about hearing tales from different storytellers. These stories not only develop our listening skills, but also widen our knowledge on the various things around us–they make us see what we have not commonly seen.


Last Friday, TriboCo. Kultura Kamp launched their first event entitled, Stories: Hear. Listen. Understand, an event to celebrate the international day of indigenous people. It was here where the diners and the guests in The Sweet Spot in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City listened to and even sang along to the original compositions of artists from the Ateneo Musicians’ Pool. To add to the delectable dishes, the soothing acoustic songs, and the general merriment, spoken word pieces were also read by the likes of Cedric Tan, Reese Lansangan, and Serge Gabriel. To witness the stories shared either through spoken word or sung stanzas made the audience step into the personal lives of the sharers, making the event an intimate one despite the café being full up to its last tables.


It was a full place! Even up to the second floor!




The beautiful people watching the event that night


More than the enjoyable presentation of musical and verbal talent, was the awareness on ethnocentrism that was presented by TriboCo. This issue is one that the group fights against. Triboco. Kultura Kamp discussed the detriments of ethnocentrism and how it puts down other people just because they are deemed as “different.” A slideshow of the people in the communities in Tarlac were even presented in the background, showing the people that have been neglected or even disregarded by some. To be able to become open to hear, listen, and understand the lives of the other is what the Kultura Kamp aimed to achieve through its immersion trips that they have planned for clients to experience the beauty of the country and more than that, the beauty of its people.




Hearing the inner thoughts through Spoken Word were also highlights of the night: Reese Lansangan (above) and Serge Gabriel (below)


DSC08414 DSC08422 

 The spectacular performances of the  Ateneo Musicians’ Pool: Andreia (above) and Andrew de Pano & Miles Malferrari (below)


It was even poetic as to how the whole event, Stories, was a representation of the appreciation of difference in terms of perspectives and ideas. It was through witnessing and hearing the various stories shared by the performers that we gain a new depth and a new appreciation for difference in ideas. It was, if I may, a beautiful event for ideas to be shared and songs to be sung along to.

It was truly a different experience that everyone similarly enjoyed. A story worth sharing.


 The faces behind TriboCo. Kultura Kamp: (L-R) Mare, Idonna, Arvin, Angela, Tomie (not in the picture)



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Stories: Heard, Listened to, and Understood